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Threadlocking Solutions for Keeping Set Screws in Place

Bearings in a machine are commonly hold on to a shaft via set screws. However, set screw loosening can cause heavy damage to all components and result in costly replacement & downtime. Here is how a paper mill discovered one way to maintain initial set screw torque and save 10 hours of costly machine downtime.

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Threadlocking Solutions for Anchoring Bolts

Mounting bolt reliability is important for proper equipment performance. However, it is subject to heavy vibration and needs more strength. This case study is about a mining operation that required constant replacement of anchor bolts in a jaw crusher. These bolts were loosening frequently and also damaging the concrete footing of the jaw crusher. Finally, a solution to anchor the bolts for eliminating damage, was applied.

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Thread Sealing Solutions to Meet Health Regulations

Conventional sealants like thread tape, shred while tightening. These shreds can travel downstream and clog filters or even contaminate the fluid. However, for a food and beverage manufacturer, it became imperative to solve this challenge in order to comply with the health regulations.

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Proactive Solutions for Sealing Compressed Air Leaks

Compressed air leaks highly affect your overall operation efficiency. However, they are quite difficult to identify and repair. A fiberglass insulation manufacturer was facing the same challenge and benefited by a guided plant survey that was conducted by the LOCTITE team, at their premises.

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Retaining Solutions that Save Huge Machining Costs

Bearing spinout is a common phenomenon which occurs when the fitting becomes loose. This increases the clearance between the bearing and shaft, and to repair that, the shaft needs to be machined. However, machining is a huge investment in terms of time and money. A cement manufacturer found a solution to avoid costly machining and get the shaft-bearing assembly up and running in a few hours.

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Retaining Solutions to Maintain Shaft Uniformity

Shaft wear can prove costly as this often requires replacement of the entire shaft. Not only does this mean high scrap cost, but also involves huge inventory costs. What if there was a situation in which the required shaft size was not in reserve? A cement manufacturer experienced the same situation and found a way to avert the huge downtime.

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Gasketing Solutions for Sealing Gearbox Housing Flanges

Leaks in industrial gearboxes can be fatal to the equipment performance and life. Pre-cut gaskets could not solve the recurring leaks making regular maintenance a necessity in a steel company. The manufacturer then found a way to seal the gearboxes. The solution led to reduction in frequent downtime and costly leaks.

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Quicker and Cleaner Bonding with Instant Component Bonding Solutions

Multiple substrate bonding requires strength and reliability. Some adhesives are high on bloom, leaving the surface untidy and patchy. This can impact the quality of output and production speed. A motorcycle helmet manufacturer was facing a similar issue, affecting his production timelines and overall cost. LOCTITE instant component bonding solutions helped them to increase production output and retained helmet finishing.

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