General Assembly Solutions

Any manufacturer understands the importance of end-product reliability. Failure of the assembly at the customer’s end leads to not only extra costs in rework, but also loss of brand equity. Know how LOCTITE products can overcome manufacturing challenges that conventional methods can’t.

Joining dissimilar material

Stress Distribution

Assembly Protection

Aesthetic Improvement

Gap filling

Process Automation

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Get a deeper understanding about minimizing downtime and increasing productivity in a plant

  • Solving manufacturing challenges with LOCTITE
    Solving manufacturing challenges with LOCTITE

    Read this infographic to know how LOCTITE can help you overcome some the most common manufacturing challenges.

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  • Value savings with LOCTITE
    Value savings with LOCTITE

    LOCTITE adhesives are one of the most cost-effective ways to manufacture adhesives and maintain plant equipment. Know how LOCTITE adhesives compare against some of the commonly used conventional methods

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