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LOCTITE Masterclass: 10 minutes closer to zero downtime for Threadlockers

Learn concrete methods to prevent frequent unplanned machinery breakdowns due to self-loosening of threaded assemblies. Join our expert engineers to know best practices to lower maintenance costs and increase plant equipment reliability in this 10 minute masterclass.

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Eliminate the #1 Cause of Machinery Failure

Hear that rattling noise? Your threaded fasteners probably came loose! Self-loosening of threaded fasteners is the #1 reason you face unplanned downtimes, often leading to heavy maintenance costs.

Consider this: nearly 70% of machinery failures lead to downtimes that are chronic in nature. Thermal expansion, vibrations, gasket relaxation, and clamp load are a few of the common reasons why your equipment fails to deliver efficiency.

The solution? Adoption of proactive maintenance measures that can help you eliminate the primary cause of failures: self-loosening. And let you enjoy benefits like:

  • Improved overall equipment efficiency
  • Enhanced plant equipment reliability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity

So, why not eliminate the root cause of machinery failure and spare your pockets the extra cash on maintenance? LOCTITE's masterclass training can help you find the perfect solution to end your unpredictable downtime misery.

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