Loctite 510

Loctite 510, High temperature resistant, chemical resistant gasketing product for use on rigid metal flanges
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Loctite 510
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More Information

More Information
Color Pink
Use Before from Manufacturing Date (In Days) 630
Temperature Resistance 204°C
Gap Fill Up to 0.25 mm
Strength High
Flange Type Rigid
Flange Material Metal
Cure Time (Fixture/Cure Strength) 24 hours
Country of origin India
Manufacturer Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Private Limited D3/D4, MIDC Industrial Estate, Jejuri, Purandhar, Pune, Maharashtra - 412303



We require a gasket that can withstand very high pressures. Can we use Loctite Gasketing solutions?
Yes, LOCTITE Anaerobic Gaskets can resist pressure upto 34.47 N/mm2.
Our design uses the pre-cut gasket as a shim. Is there any way to use Loctite Gasket in case the gaps between the flanges are large?
Yes, in case the product design specifies the use of pre-cut gasket as a shim, LOCTITE Anaerobic Gasket Dressing can be used in conjugation with the pre-cut gasket. Just clean the flange surfaces and apply LOCTITE Anaerobic Gasket Dressing to both the sides of a fresh pre-cut gasket. Make sure to use a primer on both the sides of the pre-cut gasket before application of the Gasket Dressing.
What type of materials can LOCTITE gasketing compounds be used on?
LOCTITE gasketing sealants can be used on many different materials including metals, wood, rubber, plastic, ceramics, glass and even concrete. The type of sealant selected for a specific application depends on the material to be sealed, environmental conditions, temperature and operating pressures in the system.
There are some traces of the old gasket left on the parts. What can be used to remove them?
In order to remove any old gasket parts, you can use LOCTITE SF 790 Chisel Gasket Remover.
We have to seal a fuel system. Would LOCTITE gasketing compounds be effective?
Yes. LOCTITE has two types of gasket technologies - one is anaerobic and the other is high performance Silicones. LOCTITE Anaerobic Gaskets are resistant to gasoline and Fuel oils. LOCTITE High Performance Silicones are 8 times more oil resistant than standard RTV silicones and hence perform well when used to seal hot oil systems like oil pans. They are both definitely superior to ordinary silicones as the latter swell and loose their sealing ability when used to seal fluid systems.
How can we disassemble a part sealed with LOCTITE Gasketing Compound?
In order to disassemble the flanges sealed with LOCTITE Gasketing Compound, just use hand tools, and clean the flange surfaces with LOCTITE SF 790 Chisel Gasket Remover.
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