Loctite EA 3478, 2-part ferro-silicon filled epoxy resin system for restoring parts worn by mechanical and/or corrosion impact
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More Information

More Information
Fixture Time 6h @ 22˚C
Color Gray
Technology Epoxy
Strength High
Cure Type Room Temperature cure after mixing
Viscosity 3,194,000 (cps)
Standard Shelf Life (In Days) 730
Open Time 20 mins after mixing
Work Life 20 mins
MRP (incl. of all taxes) ₹17,161.00
UNIT SELLING PRICE (per ml/gm, INCL. OF ALL TAXES) ₹17,160.74
Country of origin India
Manufacturer Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Private Limited D3/D4, MIDC Industrial Estate, Jejuri, Purandhar, Pune, Maharashtra - 412303

Features and Benefits

  • Rebuilds keyways and spline assemblies.
  • Rebuilds bearings, clamp connections, tensioning elements, gear wheels or bearing seats.
  • Ferro-silicon filled with outstanding compression strength.
  • Ideal for renewing surfaces subjected to compression, thrust, impact and harsh environments.


How to use LOCTITE® EA 3478?
Remove dirt, oil, grease, etc. with a suitable cleaner, e.g. high pressure water cleaning system using Loctite® SF 7840™ (Loctite® Natural Blue® cleaner/degreaser). Blast all surfaces to be coated with a sharp edged angular grit to a depth of profile of 75 to 100 microns and a degree of cleanliness of Near White Metal (SIS SA 2½ /SSPC-SP 10). After blasting, metal surfaces should be cleaned with waterless cleaner, e.g. with Loctite® SF 7611™ (Loctite® Pro Strength Parts Cleaner), and be coated before any oxidation or contamination takes place. Metal that has been in contact with salt solutions, e.g. seawater, should be grit blasted, high-pressure water blasted, and left for 24 hours to allow any salts in the metal to sweat to the surface. A test for chloride contamination should be performed. The procedure should be repeated until chloride concentration on the surface is below 40 ppm. Mix 4 part resin to 1 part hardener by volume (7.25 to 1 by weight) or transfer entire kit onto a clean and dry mixing surface and mix thoroughly until color is consistent. Apply fully mixed material to prepared surface.