Loctite EA 3478, 2-part ferro-silicon filled epoxy resin system for restoring parts worn by mechanical and/or corrosion impact
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More Information

More Information
Fixture Time 6h @ 22˚C
Color Gray
Technology Epoxy
Strength High
Cure Type Room Temperature cure after mixing
Viscosity 3,194,000 (cps)
Generic Name MRO Composites
Net Quantity 1 kg
Dimensions (L*W*H) 10.5*9.5*14.5 cm
Use Before from Manufacturing Date (In Days) 730
Open Time 20 mins after mixing
Work Life 20 mins
MRP (incl. of all taxes) ₹17,161.00
UNIT SELLING PRICE (per ml/gm, INCL. OF ALL TAXES) ₹17,160.74
Country of origin India
Manufacturer Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Private Limited D3/D4, MIDC Industrial Estate, Jejuri, Purandhar, Pune, Maharashtra - 412303


Features and Benefits

  • Rebuilds keyways and spline assemblies.
  • Rebuilds bearings, clamp connections, tensioning elements, gear wheels or bearing seats.
  • Ferro-silicon filled with outstanding compression strength.
  • Ideal for renewing surfaces subjected to compression, thrust, impact and harsh environments.


How to use LOCTITE® EA 3478?
Remove dirt, oil, grease, etc. with a suitable cleaner, e.g. high pressure water cleaning system using Loctite® SF 7840™ (Loctite® Natural Blue® cleaner/degreaser). Blast all surfaces to be coated with a sharp edged angular grit to a depth of profile of 75 to 100 microns and a degree of cleanliness of Near White Metal (SIS SA 2½ /SSPC-SP 10). After blasting, metal surfaces should be cleaned with waterless cleaner, e.g. with Loctite® SF 7611™ (Loctite® Pro Strength Parts Cleaner), and be coated before any oxidation or contamination takes place. Metal that has been in contact with salt solutions, e.g. seawater, should be grit blasted, high-pressure water blasted, and left for 24 hours to allow any salts in the metal to sweat to the surface. A test for chloride contamination should be performed. The procedure should be repeated until chloride concentration on the surface is below 40 ppm. Mix 4 part resin to 1 part hardener by volume (7.25 to 1 by weight) or transfer entire kit onto a clean and dry mixing surface and mix thoroughly until color is consistent. Apply fully mixed material to prepared surface.
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