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A motor manufacturer was receiving frequent bearing-shaft failure related complaints from customers. Here’s how he eliminated this issue with LOCTITE.

Current method & challenge

The OEM was using press fit as its current method, but was facing the following challenges due to gaps left between the bearing and shaft:

  • Loosening of the bearing within the assembly resulting in machine failure.
  • During operations, assembly weakens to <30 Nm, well below the customer requirements.

This resulted in a high number of warranty claims due to bearing loosening at customers end.


LOCTITE 638 is first dispensed manually on the shaft. Next, the bearing is slipped onto the motor shaft and then heat cured at 60° C.


  • Eliminated previous failures of bearing shaft, which reduced warranty and rework costs by 30%.
  • Reliability increased by 2x. Heat curing of LOCTITE 648 increased the assembly strength to >60 Nm.
  • High machining costs to maintain tolerance were eliminated.

Additional benefit

Reduction2x Reliability reduced powerReduction 50% Cost

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