5 reasons why Loctite 518 is a must have in your maintenance kit

Tired of the huge inventory of various shapes and sizes of pre-cut gaskets? What if there was a way you could quickly and easily create gaskets of any shape and size on your own? LOCTITE 518 offers you just that. It is a general purpose gasketing product that cures when confined between close-fitting metal surfaces.

01 Fills gaps providing 100% seal

Being semi liquid, it adapts to flange surface irregularities and gaps up to 0.25 mm

No compression set or misalignment 02

Frequent concern of leakages due to relaxation or misalignment in pre-cut gaskets is eliminated by LOCTITE 518 as it solidifies into a strong thermoset that stays intact

03 Instant low pressure seal

Seals instantly for low pressure and resists high pressure when fully cured

Always at hand 04

No need of extensive inventory maintenance for fear of running out of gaskets when needed. With one tube of LOCTITE 518 make your own gasket.

05 Reduce cost & complexity

One tube of Loctite saves not only on inventory costs but also is easy to apply saving labour time and increasing productivity