Maintaining a food safe plant


A food and beverage manufacturer used thread tape to seal the stainless steel pipe fittings in their plant. During a food regulation inspection, they were reprimanded and fined because thread tape was found hanging from the pipe fittings.

situationConventional method used

Thread Tape

situationReason for failure

Thread tape shreds while tightening. These shreds then travel with the fluid clogging downstream filters and contaminating food and beverage products. Additionally they were also facing frequent leakages. This was because thread tape is a lubricating agent which leads to thread damage due to over-tightening and is susceptible to vibrational loosening.

loctite solution

Loctite thread sealants

Loctite thread sealants comply with international food processing quality inspections. They do not shred or contaminate the fluid media. Additionally they prevent stainless steel fitting leaks from vibration loosening, shock loads, or galling.


  • Works well on stainless steel fittings
  • Prevents leaks
  • Compliant with food processing quality standards