retaining bearing on a worn shaft


A cement manufacturer was facing a problem with the wearing of a large diameter shaft that could no longer retain its main bearing. Waiting for a new shaft to be made and delivered would be a large production loss for the company. Welding the bearing on shaft was out of question as it would damage the shaft’s structure. A solution was needed which would reliably fit the bearing on the worn shaft before the scheduled maintenance takes place.

loctite solution

Loctite 660

LOCTITE 660 was used to fit the bearing on worn shaft as it can fill up to 0.5mm of clearance. Once applied it filled the entire space hardening into a tough thermoset plastic that unitized the bearing to the shaft. The roller mill was back in service in no time at the lowest repair cost


  • No damage to shaft’s metal characteristics
  • Eliminates lengthy unscheduled down time events
  • Reduces the high cost of shaft replacement