5 reasons why Loctite 638 is a must have in your maintenance kit

LOCTITE 638 is a high strength, high temperature resistant retaining compound, which is the one stop solution for all your cylindrical fitting requirements. Ideal for fitting gears and pulleys on shafts, it offers you the flexibility to use bonding as an alternative to or in combination with interference fits to increase the strength of your assembly.

01 High performance delivered

LOCTITE 638 provides shear strength of up to 29 N/mm2 and can continuously take temperatures of up to 180ºC, making assemblies resistant to high dynamic forces

reduce cost & improve productivity 02

LOCTITE 638 eliminates the need for high interference fitting which helps reduce rework and scrap in terms of cracked and distorted shafts

03 Robust cure mechanism

LOCTITE 638 is tolerant to oil & minor surface contaminants and works well for both active and passive metal substrates

Improves component life 04

LOCTITE 638 occupies all surface imperfections, sealing the components against fretting corrosion, thereby increasing their life

05 high strength & low machining cost

LOCTITE 638 can fill clearances of up to 0.25 mm thereby eliminating the need to machine to high surface finish