6 reasons why Loctite 542 is a must have in your maintenance kit

Leaks from pipe joints is a common maintenance concern across industries. To tackle leaks and it's attendant monetary and safety implications, LOCTITE 542 is an ideal addition to your maintenance kit for sealing leaky joints, especially ones with fine threads.


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    Ideal for hydraulic &  pneumatic fittingsIdeal for hydraulic & pneumatic fittings

    Loctite 542 seals fine threads and does not clog downstream filters, unlike pipe tape that shreds easily.

  • 02

    Ideal for hydraulic &  pneumatic fittingsInstant low-pressure seal

    Instantly seals to 6 bar pressure and upto 689 bar after attaining full strength

  • 03

    Ideal for hydraulic &  pneumatic fittingsExcellent Chemical Resistance

    Resistant to fuel, oil, coolants and hydraulic fluids.

loctite 542
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    Ideal for hydraulic &  pneumatic fittingsVibration & Shock proof

    Locks connection against vibrational loosening

  • 05

    Ideal for hydraulic &  pneumatic fittingsEasy disassembly for service

    When needed, pipe joints sealed with Loctite 542 can be easily disassembled using standard hand tools.

  • 06

    Ideal for hydraulic &  pneumatic fittingsMedium strength

    Designed for the locking and sealing of cylindrical metal assemblies.