5 reasion why Loctite 243 is a must have in your maintanace kit

LOCTITE 243 is a general purpose threadlocker of medium bond strength. It is a one stop solution to secure all threaded assemblies like nuts, bolts & studs and also to seal them against corrosion.

01 strengthens threaded assemblies

Strengthens threaded assemblies against vibration by adding approx. 25% to the torque needed to loosen a normally tightened bolt assembly.

one bottle for all sizes 02

One bottle for locking various sized fasteners - saving on inventory and cost.

03 locks all metal substrates

Suitable for active and inactive subtrates.

tolerant to minor oil contamination 04

Oil-tolerant curing on as-received fasteners without cleaning

05 easy to disassemble

Threadlocked assembly can be easily disassembled, when needed, using hand tools.