How to ensure threaded fastener reliability in an industrial pump
Pump breakdowns have a significant negative impact on cost and productivity. Many of these breakdowns are the result of simple, needless failures, such as the loss of clamp load between two assemblies caused by a loose fastener. Proactive maintenance can reduce the risk of such breakdowns and increase pump reliability and longevity.

Common challenges related to
threaded fasteners in an industrial pump

Apparent causes behind these challenges

  • VibrationsVibrations
  • thurmal-fluctuations Thermal fluctuations
  • Severe service environmentsSevere service environments

Root Cause

There are gaps between engaging threads, with only 15% metal to metal contact, while the rest of the 85% is air. This air gap allows

  • Vibration to cause side-to-side motion leading to self-loosening
  • Differential expansion and contraction of substrates due to service temperature changes
  • Corrosive environment to attach the metal fasteners

loctite solution

Loctite 243

Medium strength threadlocker that fills all the gap between the engaging threads and solidifies to unitize them, thereby

  • Preventing self-looseningPreventing
  • Sealing against corrosionSealing
    against corrosion


  • Desired clamp load ensured
  • Easy and consistent disassembly during service ensured
  • Proper pump alignment and reliability ensured