How to ensure cylindrical component reliability in an industrial pump
Pump breakdowns have a significant impact on cost and productivity. The components under rotational loads like shaft & bearing play a major role in deciding pump reliability. Proactive maintenance can reduce the risk of breakdowns and increase pump service life.

Common challenges related to
cylindrical assemblies in
an industrial pump

Apparent causes behind these challenges

  • Dynamic loading Dynamic loading
  • Severe service environmentsSevere service environments

Root Cause

Despite high interference and machining, there’s only 20-40% metal to metal contact. The rest is gap which allows:

  • Dynamic loads to loosen the fit
  • Air to get trapped in the interface causing fretting corrosion

loctite solution

Loctite 641

Medium strength retaining compound that fills all gaps between the cylindrical components and solidifies to unitize them, thereby:

  • Unitizing bearing & shaft Unitizing
    bearing & shaft
  • Unitizing bearing & shaft Preventing
    fretting corrosion


  • High strength joint High strength joint
  • Protection against corrosion Protection against corrosion
  • Component and Pump reliability ensured Component and Pump reliability ensured