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Know How a Motor Manufacturer Increased Reliability By 2X
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Current method & challenge

The motor manufacturer was using mechanical clips, but was facing the following challenges due to gaps left between the magnet and stator

  • Chipping of magnets leading to loose material in the motor housing
  • Magnet loosening led to inefficiency
  • Fixing mechanical clips requires more labor and process time

This resulted in inconsistent performance and customer complaints


Stator ring is cleaned and then layered with LOCTITE SF 7075. LOCTITE AA 324 is applied on the ring. Magnets bond in 3 mins without any clips


  • LOCTITE eliminates magnet gaps, improve corrosion resistance, and maximize motor reliability
  • Magnet bonding lowers material and inventory costs
Result: 2x Reliability2x Reliability Result: Reduction in metal costReduction in metal cost

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