Know How a Motor Manufacturer Increased Production Efficiency By 40%
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Current method & challenge

The motor manufacturer was using a competitor epoxy and was facing the following challenges.

  • Competitor epoxy required a 1 hour fixture time where parts were racked off-line.
  • Parts were heat cured for another hour increasing overall assembly time and off-line processing.


Stator ring is cleaned and then layered with LOCTITE SF 7075. LOCTITE AA 324 is applied on the ring. Magnets bond in 3 mins without any mess.


  • LOCTITE AA 324 and LOCTITE SF 7075 Activator reduce adhesive fixture time from 1 hour to just 3 minutes.
  • Eliminating previous oven curing process, reduces energy costs, and increases line output up to 40%.
Result: Reduction 20X in fixture timeReduction 20X
in fixture time
Result: Eliminate extra process costEliminate extra process cost

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