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Current method & challenge

The transformer manufacturer was using cork gaskets, but due to gaps left between the flanges he was facing the following challenges.

  • Precut gaskets were not able to tackle the surface irregularities in the flanges.
  • Cork gaskets deformed over time leading to creation of leak paths.

This led to a high number of service requests due to leakages at the customers end.


Oil tank flange is cleaned with a solvent based cleaner. LOCTITE SI 5910 is uniformly applied. The top cover of the oil tank is sealed, and bolts are tightened.


  • 50% lower service request.
  • No need to maintain large inventory of different gasket sizes.

Additional benefit

Reduction 50% in
service requests
Reduced power loss

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Take a look at how a transformer manufacturer tackled the problem of leak paths due to irregularities in flanges.

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