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Transformers And Chokes & Reactors

A transformer is an important part of every power transmission system. Any failure in these can lead to power outages and costly and repairs. Here are some challenge areas that need to be addressed to be able to manufacture reliable transformers.

Inner Oil Tank

Inner Oil Tank

Challenge 1: Oil leak from threaded assemblies

Transformers are susceptible to oil leakage due to the vibrational loosening of threaded assemblies, which can further lead to breakdown of fins, flanges, valves and seals.

Solution: Lock assemblies and lid screws with LOCTITE 243 Threadlocker

Challenge 2: Leakage and peeling off paints

Electrical transformers are designed for 50-year lifecycles. But not their paint jobs. When exposed to air before welding without anti corrosion treatment, the paint peels off and leads to rusting and oil leakage.

Solution: Apply LOCTITE Color Guard Primer to protect your transformers from

Oil Tank Lid

Oil Tank Lid

Challenge 1: Cooling oil loss from flanges

Due to continuous vibration, the screws of transformer flanges loosen up and leads to cooling oil loss, which increases oil usage, damages the transformer and interrupts power supply.

Solution: Seal flanges with LOCTITE 5900 Gasketing Compound

Name Plate

Name Plate

Challenge 1: Vibrational loosening

Under continuous vibration resulting from regular operations, the rivets or bolts of name plates loosen up and eventually it leads to the name plate falling from its place.

Solution: For higher strength, fix the name plate with LOCTITE HY 4090

Ferrite Cores

Ferrite Cores

Challenge 1: Breakage of bonds between the cores during shipment

Damage during shipment weakens the bonds between cores resulting in lower strength and more chances of winding failures.

Solution: LOCTITE 5910 provides the strength and shock resistance for coils to withstand the winding process

Large Threaded Valves

Large Threaded Valves

Challenge 1: Oil Leaks

Normal sealants applied on coarse threads, can't withstand the exposure to high temperature oil and lead to costly oil leaks in large threaded valves.

Solution: LOCTITE 5770 fills all voids between large, coarse threaded fittings, while maintaining a seal at up to 530 °F.

As a choke or reactor manufacturer you face demanding market requirements for increased product durability, greater electrical efficiency, reliability and lower production costs. We offer reliable and cost-effective solutions to help manufacturers to improve performance and reduce overall costs.

Lamination bonding

Lamination Bonding

Challenge 1: High temperature resitance

Temperatures can soar up during regular operations of chokes and reactors. This requires a lamination bonding method with high temperature resistance, with most regular adhesives only being able to provide resistance upto a 120 degrees celsius

Solution: Bond with LOCTITE EA E-30HV and get temperature resistance upto a 180 degrees celsius

Challenge 2: Maintaining proper clamp load

Bolts can work themselves loose because they are always under strain caused by torque. Also, vibration, thermal expansion and contraction, and shock all contribute to loosening and reduction of clamp load.

Solution: Lock nuts and bolts reliably with LOCTITE 243

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